Norland CE School

Meet the staff

We would like to introduce our staff at Norland CE School:


Executive Headteacher - Mrs Yvette Sullivan                  Head of School  - Mrs Alison Oliver



School Business Manager - Mrs Vicky Whiteley


Class Teachers


 Class 1 Teacher (Reception / Year 1) -  Miss Orla Sullivan        Class 2 Teacher (Year 2/3)  - Mr George Kettlewell                                                                                                                                        



       Class 3 Teacher (Year 4/5) - Miss Chloe McCaroll                          Class 4 Teacher (Year 6) - Mrs Alison Oliver                                                                                                          




Mrs Rachel Dyer (Teacher across school)



Teaching Assistants
Mrs Alicia Wright Mrs Sarah O'Grady Miss Emily Sykes Miss Donna Greenwood


Donna Greenwood
 Miss Lucy Knowles

Miss Emma Hulme








School Caretaker - Mr Philip Tate School Cleaner - Mrs Jenny Day