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GRADE: Scale 1c
We are looking for a mid-day supervisor to supervise pupils both within the school building and in the playground.   You will be responsible to the senior mid-day supervisor / headteacher.

1. Supervision of pupils immediately before, during and after the midday meal. This includes pupils who have a school meal as well as those who bring their own food.
2. Clean the dining premises, furniture and equipment as required ensuring standards of hygiene are maintained, e.g. walls, tables and floors etc.
3. Supervision of hand washing as required
4. Assistance for pupils where necessary to carry trays to their table and to return empty dishes to the service counter.
5. Promote positive values, attitudes and good pupil behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in line with established policy and encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour.
6. Assistance for pupils where necessary to cut up food and guidance on the proper use of cutlery; assistance in the clearance of any spillage if required.
7. To maintain confidentiality at all times in respect of school-related matters and to prevent disclosure of confidential and sensitive information.
8. To undertake any other duties of a similar level and responsibility as may be required.

There are no formal qualifications required for the role, however, it is expected that the post holder will be able to follow verbal and written instructions.
The post holder will be expected to organise activities and play games with the children during the lunchtime period.
The post holder will require the ability to listen and communicate effectively with staff and children. There will also be a requirement to complete accident forms during the course of duty.
The postholder must be self motivated for the benefit of the team as a whole and be able to make decisions required when organising priorities within own workload.
The post holder will be required to work outside in all weather throughout the year. The role is demanding in that the post holder will be expected to supervise a large number of children whilst organising activities and dealing with the children themselves.
The post holder will be responsible for the first aid kit and uniform assigned to them. Any loss, breakage or damage must be reported to the Senior Mid Day Supervisor.


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We have one space in Year 5.  Please telephone the school office should you require further information.